Judd’s Golf Sim

TERMS and CONDITIONS (2-12-21)


No Cut Off Jeans or Cut Off Shorts. No tank tops.

Shirts, caps, and visors with advertising must be in good taste. Please wear ball caps brim forward.

Please change shoes at the entrance and leave boots on the provided boot mat, to minimize salt and debris especially on the putting green.

Coat rack located left of the office door under the stairs.


2 Hour Maximum of Consecutive Simulator Time.

Please be courteous of the time for someone with rental time after you, by checking the clock located above the TV.

Guests are $10 and on the honor system. If you are bringing a guest, You will receive a link to pay the Guest Fee in the Reservation Confirmation email. Number of guests are currently restricted - see below Covid Guidelines.

No food or open container beverages allowed in the simulators, the computer stands or around the putting green. Water bottles or insulated coffee mugs with tops are allowed with consideration to the turf and equipment.

If you bring food to eat, please eat in the upstairs mezzanine area before or after your appointment.

Please use provided golf balls in the Simulator Bays. No Titleist Pro V1 balls allowed in the Simulators due to testing results of their effect on the screens. No Callaway Triple Track balls in the Simulators due to the colored marks left on the screens. These recommendations are from the screen manufacturer regarding the sound dampening technology.

Please do not use any “marked” balls with Sharpie or any pens in the Simulator Bays. They will also mark the screens.

Please feel free to use your preferred golf balls on the putting and chipping green or golf balls can be provided for you.


There are 4 parking stalls (will be striped in the spring) in front of the 2 garage doors. Please do NOT park past the yellow pillar, as that is not our property, and please be respectful of the business next door. Overflow parking in the lots immediately to the R and L as you turn off Lear Industrial Parkway.

Maximum facility occupancy is 15 people at any time.

Please No Smoking and No Alcohol.

Feel free to use “Hey Siri” to play music via the provided HomePod Mini speakers, being considerate of the volume to your fellow Members. The TV will have golf, and local team sporting events, or weather or news as appropriate.


Masks are required in the facility at all times until further notice. Please maintain social distancing of 6 feet including the putting and chipping green.

For distancing purposes - Maximum 2 people per bay (1 member 1 guest), unless all are within your household (max 4 total 1 Member 3 Household Guests).

Please wipe down the computer keyboard and mouse with provided wipes before and after your session. Small trash can and hand sanitizer provided. Please sanitize your hands upon arrival and departure with provided hand sanitizers the door.


Memberships will renew per the Membership agreement unless Judd’s Golf Sim is notified 10 days prior to the end of your Membership Term. Blue tooth credentials will be disabled if credit card charge for dues is not renewed. Please contact Judd’s Golf Sim should health, employment, or relocation concerns effect your Membership.

Monthly Fees will be billed on your credit card, on the same day of the month as the day you joined.

Access via Bluetooth Card reader begins at 5:45am and ends at 10:15pm. The alarm will arm shortly after 10:15. We ask that you turn on the lights and if the last out - please turn off all lights and the computers and projectors. Start up and Shut Down steps will be provided at the Simulator Bays.

Security Cameras are in place for the protection of all and of the facility and equipment.